The Destroyer
Volume 4, Chapter 33
Chapter 33 cover
English title The Destroyer
Series Koukou Tekkenden Tough
Release date December 8, 1994
New Characters n/a
Towards a Federation!?
Fighting Youthfully
The Destroyer is the thirty-third chapter in the Koukou Tekkenden Tough manga, and the thirty-third chapter in the series.


Kiichi is seen enjoying his new found fame, with Ishige becoming a little bit jealous of him. Kiichi is then approached by a girl who claims that she is a fan of his and martial arts in general. She leads him, by himself, to a warehouse where a ring is set up. He then finds an old man who had gotten the girl to bring him here in order to fight him, to which Kiichi accepts. Kiichi then begins his fight with the elderly person but is unable to hit the man. The reporter is then seen talking with one of his co-workers and he talks about "The Destroyer" aka Heizo Onikawa, who is a shadow figure in the wrestling being the person who deals out punishment to any young wrestler who commits offenses against other wrestlers. Kiichi is then seen and is unable to even hurt Heizo who is able to get an arm lock on him.


  • Kiichi Miyazawa vs Heizo Onikawa

Story NotesEdit

  • Kiichi acts arrogantly about his new found fame, calling himself a fighting god.
  • Kiichi is lead by a woman to a ring, where Heizo Onikawa awaits.
  • It is revealed Heizo is a genious, who uses the Jujitsu style as well as uses locks.
  • Heizo is known as the destroyer dealing out punishment to any wrestler who steps out of line.
  • Kiichi is unable to hit Heizo who is able to put him in a lock.


All characters in bold are new to the story.

  1. Kiichi Miyazawa
  2. Ishige
  3. Moriyan
  4. Unnamed Girl
  5. Heizo Onikawa
  6. Tayama


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