The Great Orca
Tough c306 (4)
Nickname The Great Orca
Origin Japan
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Gender Male
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Family Shiyachi Yamajuzou (Son)
The Great Orca is a fictional character from manga series of Tough.

Overview Edit

Shiyachi’s was truly a great pro wrestler who deserved the name Great Orca. Power, speed performance skills he truly had it all and was far above the rest. A real super hero to the people. Sadly that all changed the day he met Phantom Joe. Thinking he was a fan he shook his hand and just as their hands connected Joe dislocated his shoulder and tore the muscles connected to his bones. His arm was completely destroyed. After that event the man known as Orca changed devolving into worthless drunk. With his arm never healing Orca eventually resorted to borrowing money from his fans claiming it was to pay the bills and feed his son only to spend it on alcohol. Orca met his end when he drunkenly slipped and fell bashing head on the side of a table.


The Great Orca signature move was the Flying Lariat

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