The One Who Inherits the Nadashinkage
Volume 3, Chapter 27
Chapter 27 cover
English title The One Who Inherits the Nadashinkage
Series Koukou Tekkenden Tough
Release date September 19, 1994
New Characters n/a
Spirit of Compassion
An Unexpected Challenger
The One Who Inherits The Nadashinkage is the twenty-seventh chapter in the Koukou Tekkenden Tough manga, and the twenty-seventh chapter in the series.


Kiichi is happy, that he has finally beaten Goji, as Mitsuhide leaves before the celebration begins. Goji's heart is restarted by Seiko, who also resets his nose. Goji then goes back to Kiichi, wanting to fight him again, but instead shakes his hand after Kiichi sees how much honor he has, not using any other means to try to win besides Judo. Rika congratulates Kiichi, and Kiichi gives her adivice, telling her to be honest with Goji more. Kiichi is then seen walking with his father, and angrily wants his approval, after being called egotistical by his father. In response Seiko restarts Kiichi stomach so he can eat again. Seiko is then seen eating, where it is revealed he had been fasting along with Kiichi, to try to keep up with him.



Story NotesEdit

  • Kiichi and Goji's match come to a close.
  • Kiichi respects Goji, for only using Martial arts in their fight.
  • Rika wanted Kiichi to win, in order to make Goji a more humble person, which it did.
  • Kiichi tells Rika to be more honest with Goji.
  • Kiichi's stomach vitals are restarted by Seiko.
  • Seiko has been fasting with Kiichi.


All characters in bold are new to the story.

  1. Goji Kano
  2. Kiichi Miyazawa
  3. Ishige
  4. Moriyan
  5. Mitsuhide Kuroda
  6. Goji's Teacher
  7. Seiko Miyazawa
  8. Rika Tachibana
  9. Kintoki Miyazawa


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