The Physique of the Combatant
Volume 2, Chapter 13
Chapter 13 cover
English title The Physique of the Combatant
Series Koukou Tekkenden Tough
Release date June 17, 1994
New Characters Goji Kano
The Heart's of Hashin Sho!
The True Face of the Champion
The Physique of The Combatant is the thirteenth chapter in the Koukou Tekkenden Tough series, and the thirteenth chapter in the series.


Kiichi is seen having a dream of a girl saying no to going out with him, and then wakes up. Kiichi then eats dinner with his family, which leads to his father telling Kiichi he must train his body more. Yamamoto is then seen at the Futaba boxing gym, being able to easily beat a man so badly he foamed at the mouth. Yamamoto is then confronted by a large individual, who asks for a sparring match, to which he confidently accepts. The fight is ended quickly as the large individual is able to defeat Yamamoto easily. Yamamoto's friend then recognizes him as Goji Kano, the interhighschool champion of Judo. Kiichi is then seen eating at a restraint with his friends, when he runs into Goji, being very impressed by Goji's size.


Story NotesEdit

  • Seiko tells Kiichi he must work on his body, or he will never become a true combatant.
  • Goji is introduced.
  • Goji demonstrates his strength and mastery of Judo, by defeating a very strong boxer with ease.
  • Kiichi runs into Goji.


All characters in bold are new to the story.

  1. Kiichi Miyazawa
  2. Seiko Miyazawa
  3. Kintoki Miyazawa
  4. Yamamoto
  5. Goji Kano
  6. Ishige
  7. Moriyan


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