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The Snake's Breath
Volume 3, Chapter 21
Chapter 21 cover.png
Original title へビの息
English title The Snake's Breath
Series Koukou Tekkenden Tough
Release date September 19, 1994
New Characters n/a
The Evening Before the Decisive Combat
Super Judo

The Snake's Breathis the twenty-first chapter in the Koukou Tekkenden Tough manga, and the twenty-first chapter in the series.


Gouji is first seen in the dojo, stating to himself that Judo is the real martial art of combat, and decided to use the original techniques, that made it so deadly in the first place. Gouji arrives at the soccer field and Kiichi arrives, ready to fight. Kiichi then remembers his father's words, stating that because he was forced into fasting, he could reach into his five senses better. Kiichi, after finishing warming, then charges at Gouji, and begins by using his swirling axe kick, and then rushes Gouji, however Gouji is able to block the rush without much problem. Gouji had waited until Kiichi had stopped his rush, to try and grab him, but Kiichi was able to hit Gouji, able to cause Gouji to fall on his knees. This is caused by Kiichi hitting Gouji in the nose in the beginning, causing him to breathe through the mouth, allowing Kiichi to hit Gouji in a more weakened state. Kiichi is then seen using a submission move on Gouji.

Story Notes[]

  • Gouji readies himself to use the deadly techniques of Judo.
  • Kiichi is told that not eating at all could allow him to be more in tuned with his five sense.
  • Kiichi and Gouji's match begins.
  • Kiichi is able to put Gouji in a submission.


  1. Gouji Kanou
  2. Moriyan
  3. Ishige
  4. Rika Tachibana
  5. Kiichi Miyazawa
  6. Seiko Miyazawa
  7. Mitsuhide Kuroda


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