The Zion
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A demon is my body. I need our lord’s judgment
Nickname Lamenter
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Debut (Manga) Tough Chapter 07:
Gender Male
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Fighting Style Boxing/Wrestling/ MMA
Family Unnamed Father and Mother (Deceased)
The Zion is a fictional character from manga series of Tough.



Zion’s religion sect has strict rules. They see martial arts as violence. However god granted him an outstanding fighting physique. So he believes he has a demon within his body. Foe instance the bones in his knuckles have protuberances allowing his fist’s to tear apart his enemy’s flesh like a chisel.


The fighter Wakabashi lined up for his Dark Fight. The Zion’s was a very disturbed child his father was priest and his mother worked at a juvenile criminal rehab center. Though they tried to help him one day is a fit of psychosis he brutally killed them both. Despite the brutality of the act the judge let him go because he was a minor.

However the juvenile criminal law protects children. He wasn’t punished despite the fact that he murdered two citizens. The judge didn’t know kids are geniuses at making up lies. He had smirked at zion who was seated in the courtroom. After he testified in court Zion’s mind collapsed in on itself he repressed his involvement in his parents murder and the killer instead became an unknown child who his parents tried and failed to help.

He attempted to get Kichi to strike him down when these memories resurfaced during their match.


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The Zion’s style is a mix of boxing and wrestling. His ground and pound are especially dangerous due to the demon that resides in his right hand. It’s called the Rock Drill Pound and is said to be able to chop a bull in half. Went ever Zion fight’s he lets his psychosis lose and starts to confuse his opponent with his parent’s killer. This allows him to release his hatred and anger in the fight. However the longer he fights the more memories are unleashed.

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