Tough v16 c168 - 110-111
Tiger’s Paw Strike is a leg technique that only the “Tiger Foot” holder can do. A technique so frightful because it’s trajectory is invisible to the naked eye.


Though seemingly nothing more then a simple kick given from above the hips with no loss of axis after a long suspension in the air what make the Tiger’s Paw Strike so frightful is its immense speed. The brain works by using electric impulses to react and instruct the body on how to move and or dodge. The neurons that run through the brain can be used in various ways, but sometimes something comes so fast that a reaction will be slow regardless. Tiger’s Paw Strike is a kick done so fast that opponent simply can’t register its movement even if the do see it it is simply impossible to dodge. It is because of this that the Tiger’s Paw Strike is an ultimate technique. Even before opponent is aware of it they’re already on the ground. Their memories come back in pieces without them being able to distinguish dream from reality then finally comes the realization of the difference in power between them and user.

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