Tomioka Banai
Tough c295 (6)
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Origin Japan
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Debut (Manga) Tough Chapter 294:
Gender Male
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Fighting Style Hidenkeri
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Tomioka Banai is a fictional character from manga series of Tough. He is a member of the Yakuza and was Kichi’s first opponent in Monster Wars.



Tomioka Banai has a tattoo of the monster Nue on his back .


Tomioka Banai’s father wasn’t just a normal man, he was known for his strength in more ways than one. He was a leader of men. The two might have been blood related but the differences between the two couldn’t have been bigger. The differences between the two got to the point where his father wanted to prove a point of superiority. He took the girl Tomioka was in love with and used her to prove his point and made his son stand guard. Unfortunately people aren’t meant to be used like that. It was more than she could handle. As a final insult Tomioka’s father gave his son a souvenir so that he would always remember her by.

When Tomioka attacked him and even with all that he had done he never once contemplated on killing his own father. But even so that did not change the fact that he did kill his own father and a yakuza boss and in that world there are a few rules that can never be broken and will have to be upheld unless you have a helping hand. So Tomioka went to Mikogami begging for his help even agreeing to be his right hand man,

Tomioka first met Kichi when Mikogami invited him over to witness Tomioka’s prowess by having him break the arm of someone who owed him money.  Seeing this Kichi referred to Tomioka as a dog of the yakuza his reply was that if Kichi wanted to compare him to a dog he wo

Tough c302 (8)
uld show him the strength of a k9 and afterwards he would admit to being simple dog food. Seeing Kichi’s disgust at their actions and realizing that he needed him to fight in the ring Mikogami had Tomioka show Kichi his strength again by attacking him.

The two didn’t meet again for two month’s inside the cage of Monster Wars. He spend most of the fight evading being pulled into grappling and while he was disappointed with Kichi’s skill he was aware that was just forcing himself to ignore his pain of the strike that Tomioka had gotten in during their first battle. However Kichi refused to go down and was able to eventually bring him into a ground battle. Only to discover that Tomioka still had the advantage. Kichi finally was able to gain the upper hand with the Unagijime. Unfortunately by this point his body started reaching its limit. However he made sure his grip remained strong so that it became a contest of who would last the longest. While Tomioka fought on he was eventually defeated.


Tomioka Banai is a master of the Hidenkeri and as such he rarely gets into prolonged battles learning more from a single hit or glance than most and thus opts to wait for the perfect situation. However Just because he evades theground doesn’t mean that he has no skills within this field of fighting.

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