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Tough: Ryuu wo Tsugu Otoko
Tough ryu otoko.jpg
TOUGH 龍を継ぐ男
Author Tetsuya Saruwatari
Publisher Shueisha
Magazine Weekly Playboy
Original run December 21, 2015 – present
Volumes 22 (Ongoing)

Tough: Ryuu wo Tsugu Otoko (TOUGH 龍を継ぐ男, TOUGH Ryū wo Tsugu Otoko; literally: "Tough: The Man Who Inherits The Dragon") is the third series, serialized in Shueisha's Weekly Playboy since December 21, 2015.


The series starring Ryusei Nakamura, one of illegitimate children of Kiryuu Miyazawa. Years after Kiibou founded the new dojo, both him and Kiryuu mysteriously disappeared. Ryusei, after losing his mother to cancer, is set to find out about his birth father and his destiny as the evil dragon's heir, but he is not the only one.