Towards a Federation!?
Volume 4, Chapter 32
Chapter 32 cover
English title Towards a Federation!?
Series Koukou Tekkenden Tough
Release date December 8, 1994
New Characters Heizo Onikawa
The Soul of Wrestling
The Destroyer
Towards a Federation!? is the thirty-second chapter in the Koukou Tekkenden Tough manga, and the thirty-second chapter in the series.


Kiichi is eating with his grand father, noticing that Seiko was angered. Seiko steps into the room and shows Kiichi that his fight with Funada was known in the paper, with him being the winner. Seiko then hits Kiichi on the head and tells him that the Nadashinkage-ryu should never be known to the public. Kiichi does not understand and wants to make money off of the Nadashinkage-ryu, which angers Seiko even more, causing him to kick Kiichi, and although Kiichi was able to block it, Seiko had used a palm strike to the face on Kiichi without him noticing. Seiko warns Kiichi not to go near the pro-wrestling. Funada is then seen working out and over hears other wrestlers talking badly about him. Funada getting angry dares them to attack him, not caring if they were his elders. The reporter who had reported on the story is then seen with Kiba trying to get some answers but to no avail, however he does not believe Kiba does not have a grudge against the Nadashinkage-ryu. Funada is then seen after beating up his elders. He is then frightened by another wrestler who breaks Funada's arm and is now interested in fighting against the Nadashinkage-ryu.



Story NotesEdit

  • Kiichi's fight with Funada is known to the public through the papers.
  • Seiko warns Kiichi to stay away from the pro wrestling wrestlers.
  • Kiba is questioned by the reporters and although they do not get any answers they know that he does not leave things lying down.
  • Funada after beating up his elders is then beaten himself by an unknown opponent who is very fast.



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