Ukon Tatewaki
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I smell the scent of blood. I don’t see a thing, but my ears and nose make up for it
Nickname The Mage of Blindness
Origin Japan
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Debut (Manga) Tough Chapter 60:
Gender Male
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Fighting Style Tatewaki Ancient Baton Style
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Ukon Tatewaki is a fictional character from manga series of Tough.




The World Went DarkEdit

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Ukon Tatewaki had his eyes taken by Kiryu in a battle that was decided in the blink of an eye. After the battle Kiryu expressed his respect for the staff technique of the Tatewaki style stating that he wished to take it under his wing. Ukon responded by saying that he’d rather die then become Kiryu’s disciple. There was something like a flash and it was the last light Ukon saw. Ukon had to literally come back to life to fight Kiryu again. he trained without stopping until he was on the brink of death.

Later Seiko Miyazawa came to him stating that as the guardian of the nadashinkage it was up to him to make amends and offered his eyes as compensation. When Seiko proved his conviction by not flinching in the slightest Ukon allowed him to keep his eyes

Hyper BattleEdit

Ukon Tatewaki is one of the final 16 in the elimination match. He came upon Kichi and Tomashino Gennai after be attracted by the smell of blood but was distracted by Naitto Hidenori. Who quickly loss to due underestimating Ukon because of his blindness

Ukon ended up giving up when Kichi proved that he wasn’t like Kiryu stating that he couldn’t fight the son of Seiko Miyazawa.


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Ukon Tatewaki is the chief of the Tatewaki Ancient Baton Style School. Through natural aptitude and intense training Ukon has gained a superhuman sensory system honed by years of training. Using his ears, nose, skin and brains he can create an image.

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