Volume 1
Koukou Tekkenden Tough
Featured Character Kiichi Miyazawa
Release date 1994-3-18
Page Number 211
Publisher Young Jump Comics
Volume Guide
Volume 2
Koukou Tekkenden Tough Volume 1 is the first volume to be released in the Koukou Tekkenden Tough series, and the first volume of the series.


Kiichi Miyazawa a mixed martial artist genius, meets a person named Ishige, who wants to become just like him and they become friends through adversity. Kiichi then witness as a man named Mitsuhide Kuroda destroys a truck with nothing but his bare hands, as well as falls in love with a girl named Takako Kawashima, who already has a boyfriend, which turns out to be Mitsuhide himself. Kiichi learns of Mitsuhide's past, and how he had accidentally killed his own friend, and still wants to fight him. Mitsuhide then reveals that he practices the same martial arts as Kiichi, Kadashinkage, the Art of Life and Death. Kiichi now finds his match against the Asura, Mitsuhide Kuroda.




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