Volume 2
Featured Character Kiichi Miyazawa
Release date 1994-6-17
Page Number 211
Publisher Young Jump Comics
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Volume 3
Koukou Tekkenden Tough Volume 2 is the second volume to be released in the Koukou Tekkenden Tough series, and the second volume of the series.


Kiichi continues and finishes his fight with Mitsuhide, learning of Mitsuhide's true art style Nadashinyo. Kiichi is able to win, after having a very hard fought battle with Mitsuhide. Kiichi then meets a man, destined for the Olympics, Goji Kano. Arrogant and selfish, Goji and Kiichi's relationship becomes very bitter as they leave to fight at the docks. An intense battle ensues, but it is interrupted by police ending with Kiichi having a broken Chuin, and Goji getting a broken middle finger. Kiichi then meets, Rika Tachibana, one of Goji's lovers and professors, who tells Kiichi that she wants Kiichi to win. Kiichi then learns of how badly Goji's technique had effected him, as it was a technique that would slowly kill him in three years. Seiko Miyazawa, then shows him a secret technique of the Nadashinkage, as Kiichi was not proficient enough to us Hashin sho on an actual opponent, named Bakutanken, a powerful technique that leaves a Buddha shaped mark on its target.




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