Volume 3
Featured Character Kiichi Miyazawa
Release date 1994-6-17
Page Number 207
Publisher Young Jump Comics
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Koukou Tekkenden Tough Volume 3 is the third volume to be released in the Koukou Tekkenden Tough series, and the third volume of the series.


Kiichi is seen training the Nadashinkage-Ryu Bakutanken, where Mitsuhide shows up and offers to help. Kiichi eventually learns the technique, and is ready to fight Goji, who is already on the football field ready to use the most deadly of Judo techniques. Kiichi and Goji's fight is a long and hard fought match on both sides, but in the end Kiichi is able to win, using the Bakutanken. Kiichi and his dad then meet a wrestler named Funada who is looking for a fight against Seiko but instead has to fight Kiichi. Before they fight, Kiba appears, and tells about his past against his former foe Seiko. Kiichi and Funada then get ready to fight.



All characters in bold are new to the series.


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