Volume 4
Featured Character Kiichi Miyazawa
Release date 1994-12-8
Page Number 207
Publisher Young Jump Comics
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Koukou Tekkendeon Tough Volume 4 is the fourth volume to be released in the Koukou Tekkenden Tough series, and the fourth volume of the series.


Kiichi learns what it means to fear a wrestler, as he fights against Funada, and learns that wrestlers will never give up until they are completely knocked out or die. After the fight Kiba then declares a competition between his wrestling and the Nadashinkage-ryu school to which Kiichi accepts. Kiichi then meets an elderly wrestler locking master, named Onikawa Heizo, who has shown to be far more stronger, then him. Kiichi then finds an even greater monster then Onikawa, as Onikawa was knocked out by a man named Samon Miyomasa, man who wants to prove that he is the strongest in the world. He has now, after the provocation of a vengeful Kiba, set his sights on to the school of the Nadashinkage-ryu.




  • Kiichi Miyazawa vs Funada
  • Kiichi Miyazawa vs Onikawa Heizo
  • Kiba vs Samon Miyomasa
  • Samon Kiyomasa vs Barry Smith
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