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Waka Miyashita/ Aika Miyagi
Tough v03 c22 - 018
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Origin Japan
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Debut (Manga) Tough Chapter 22:
Gender Female
Age 19 years old
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Fighting Style Sekishin Karate
Family Takeshi Miyashita (Father, deceased)
Kiichi Miyazawa (love interest)
Waka Miyashita and due to translation issues also referred to Aika Miyagi is a fictional character from manga series of Tough.


A serious, determined and tomboyish girl. She is somewhat vengeful as in stating to defeat Manji Shindou in order to avenge her father,Takeshi Miyashita. Around the beginning of the manga (chapter 22) Waka disliked Kiichi, as he practically attacked her dojo and refused to fight her cause she was a girl, but warms up to him after saving her in the Japanese Elimination match and beating Manji Shindou. Soon after she tends to be shy around Kiichi and openly shown to having feelings for him, as when she blushed when he was leaving for the Hyper Battle.



After chastising Daidouji Tadashi for letting things get so out of hand when Kichi came to challenge the Seisikin Karate School she challenge Kichi for his arrogance in trying to take her schools sign then angrily attacked him when he refused due to her gender.

The match was eventually stopped by Suzuki Minoru who saw the clear difference in skill between the two.

She was later seen entering the Japanese elimination match


Tough v05 c46 - 089
The current Kanchou of the Sekishin Karate School Tokyo branch and has been training in the art since she was a child. She is currently training to get strong enough to defeat Manji Shindo to erase the humiliation of her father’s defeat.

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