Weasel of Kanzan
Nickname Weasal, Heavenly King of Death
Origin Japan
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Gender Male
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Fighting Style Yugen Shinkage Ryu
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Weasel of Kanzan is a fictional character from manga series of Tough. He is one of Yugen Shinkage Ryu ‘s Heavenly Kings of Death




Weasel is introduced saving Phantom Joe from Mikogami’s wrath. While Mikogami desperately fought Weasel just played with him. After his arm was cut off he tried to run to no avail. Weasal admitted that he had nothing personal against Mikogami and even promised to make his death a quick one. As a last ditch effort Mikogami revealed his grenade launcher but still proved to slow and ended up getting his head crushed.

Nada HuntEdit

During the succession process Weasel challenged Son-O on a construction sight. And actually proved his superior. Weasel was able to get him in a hold and perform Zoukai. Realizing he couldn’t get out, Son-O jumped off deciding to take Weasel with him for the fall. The match ended up being declared a draw as both men escaped.

With Kiryu going after Yokoyama and Seiko going after Kakugo Son-O went after Weasel for a rematch. To make sure they weren’t seen they fought in a cave. While impressed by Son-O’s speed and skill he wasn’t worried as he was still much faster. Even more so after Son-O escaped the Mist of Four technique as he was the first to ever do it. He then pushed it a step further so that even Weasel couldn’t follow him. Realizing that he wouldn’t be able to defeat Son-O if he didn’t use everything he has Weasel used Zoukai to cause a cave in limiting Son-O’s moves while slowing him down at the same time. In his weakened state Weasel’s speed was too much for Son-O and he knocked him out with a vicious knee to the face. However he ended up passing out shortly afterwards.

He later woke up in the hospital along with Son-O, Oton, and Kiryu. Kichi asked where Kakugo was only for Weasel to say he had no idea. However he didn’t fully dodge the Kaishuken and Son-O forced him to either tell him were Kakugo was or die. So he told them that he went to Onikuijima No Tengu.


The core of Weasel’s technique is no one being able to see or catch his body. To achieve this he has perfected the Mourouken over the past 20 years to the point where his agility can’t even be compared to how he was back in the day. He can completely disappear right in front of any human that stands before him. In addition he has also trained his elbow where before he couldn’t even cut through flesh he can now completely cut up a person with his elbow it’s without a doubt a strong skill.

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