Koukou Tekken-den Tough v10p213
不知火, Shiranui
Fighting Style Goetsu Jiu-Jitsu
User(s) Genshu Ibara
Shingo Aoi
Similar Hashin Sho

Will-o'-The-Wisp (不知火, Shiranui) is a special fighting move.


The ultimate striking technique of the Goetsu school. It’s generally believed that jiujitsu striking techniques only serve as transition towards another technique, but for Goetsu Jiujitsu, those attacks are used in the goal of killing the opponent. The Will-O-The-Wisp delivers maximum power with minimum movement, and is said to be able to rival the striking techniques of Chinese Kempo in terms of destructive power. The strike causes violent contractions of the diaphragm provoking intolerable pain causing the victims internal organs to explode.

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