山本, Yamamoto


Nickname n/a
Origin Japan
Debut (Anime) n/a
Debut (Manga) The Physique of the Combatant
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Voice n/a
Fighting Style Boxing
Family Unknown

Yamamoto (山本, Yamamoto) is a boxer from Futaba Boxing Gym, aiming to be the greatest boxer in the entire world, his reputation of his hard hitting punch had become infamous very quickly.[1]


Yamamoto is a confident person who enjoys, sparring against his opponents at the Futaba Boxing Gym. Yamamoto has also displayed ruthlessness, at least at the mat, as he had knocked out a man, during a sparring, punching him so hard he started to foam out of the mouth.[1]


Yamamoto is an average looking man, with a very good build. His hair is black, and seems to be very curly. Yamamoto in his outside clothes is seen wearing a jeans jacket, as well as jeans. He is also seen wearing a button up vest. His ring attire is made up of basically the average boxer's. When sparring he wears a dark tank top, shorts and dark boxing gloves.[1]


Koukou Tekkenden ToughEdit

Deadly Physique ArcEdit

Yamamoto was first seen sparring against another person at the Futaba Boxing Gym. He was able to beat his opponent without much effort, which caused him to foam at the mouth after the hit, it was also revealed that he had a match coming up real soon.[2]

Yamamoto then left the gym, with his friend, and they talked about his goal to be the world champion. He and his friend were then approached by a very large man, who requested to be his sparring partner, to which he agreed with.[3]

Yamamoto and the large man had went to a remote location and Yamamoto, immediately rushed the large man, punching him in the face. This however did not work, as it did not even phase the man, as the large man easily slammed Yamamoto on the ground, which ended the very short sparring match. The man is then recognized, by Yamamoto's friend, as Goji Kano, the Judo champion of Inter Highschool.[4]


Yamamoto is a very strong boxer who has proven to be very competent in boxing techniques, as he was shown to be able to easily defeat his combat opponent. It is further exemplified, since Yamamoto's hard blow was becoming infamous among his teammates, in addition to the fact that he hit his training partner with such force that he began to foam in the mouth.


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