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Origin Japan
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Debut (Manga) Oton Chapter 01:
Gender Male
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Fighting Style Judo/Karate
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Yamatsu is a fictional character from manga series of Oton.


A passionate man who believes that strength without justice is violence, and justice without strength is powerless.




OTON v01 008
Yamatsu saved Seiko Miyazawa as he was being attacked by a bunch of delinquents afterwards Seiko took him out for drinks as thanks. As the two were walking out of the bar contemplating going to another the delinquent from before returned and shot him. While Seiko’s quick aid was able to save his life the bullet damaged his spine leaving him paralyzed on one side.

Later when Seiko came to visit him he confessed that the real reason he saved him wasn’t out of some sense of justice. He was laid off from work and was frustrated about it and just wanted to pick a fight. It didn’t matter who it was. Just someone to release all of his stress on. Seiko told him that none of that mattered as he was still a man of justice and promised him that his body would be returned to the way it was


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