Yanagiba Dogen
Tough v10 c101 - 086
Nickname The Loaner
Origin Japan
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Debut (Manga) Tough Chapter 20:
Gender Male
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Yanagiba Dogen is the promoter of Team D

Personality Edit

Tough v06 c053 018
Dogen was born in a poor family; he is the typical new-rich

who can’t help but to show his wealth through his mansions, cloths and other valuable objects. To Dogen money is his blood and flesh, his fortune is officially estimated at 80 billion but he never ever wastes a single yen of it. And he can never forgive anyone who would try to steal his money, even if they from his own family. It is said that he once lost one billion yen at a Vegas hotel casino. He later brought that hotel and today makes 2 billion yen from it annually.


Dogen currently holds a grudge against Kiryu due to the fact that he refused to work for him and Dogen sees denying money as denying him.

History Edit

Dogen has formed a team with the best fighting specialist, judo, pro wrestling, English boxing, karate, grappling regardless of the fighting school he has sought them out. The so called Team D. he finances these warriors so that they can eventually fight Kiryu.

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