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Yoshiki Takaishi
高石義生, Takaishi Yoshiki
たかいし よしき
Nickname Yoshiki the Man-Eater
Origin Japan
Debut (Anime) OVA 2
Debut (Manga) The "Man-Eating Tiger"
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Voice Unknown
Fighting Style Wrestling & Muay Thai
Family Akemi Takaishi (Sister)

Yoshiki Takaishi (高石義生, Takaishi Yoshiki) is a fictional character from the anime and manga series of Koukou Tekkenden Tough. He's called Yoshiki the Man-Eater (人食い義生, Hitogui Yoshiki).


He's first introduced as a cool, and ruthless guy who is shown having ruthlessly beat up a bunch of delinquents, and also ignoring the pain from a knife being stabbed into him. But after that, he quickly shows himself to be a complete and utter idiot, as he winds up bleeding out after forcing out the knife that one of the delinquents stabbed him with using his muscular strength alone. Despite this, he still has some moments of seriousness after his establishment as an idiot.


Yoshiki Takaishi has cauliflower ears because of practicing body to body techniques.


Koukou Tekkenden Tough[]

Man Eater[]

Yoshiki's debut appearance.

It is known that Yoshiki Takaishi was a product of the Devil Factory however he left due to differences between him and Shawn J. Akutsu. Yoshiki received his name and was also banned from pro wrestling after crippling Chico Fernandez in a Lucha Libre match.


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After his retirement Iron Kiba agreed to fight anyone who defeated the Nadashinkage-ryuu. Hearing about this Yoshiki went to Aoba to challenge Kiichi Miyazawa and came across Mikunino and his gang and attacked them on sight. He ended up being stabbed by Mikunino when he turned his back on him to fight Kiichi. However he proved strong enough to continue fighting. While Yoshiki did technically defeat Kiichi he couldn’t finishes him off due to his injuries and the match was declared a draw. Kiichi took him to the hospital after he passed out due while trying to continue to fight. Kiichi donated his blood during the operation.

From Enemy to Friend[]

Grateful to Kiichi for saving his life Yoshiki agreed to train him for his fight against Remco Yahrob and went to his aid when Shawn had three devil factory products attack Kiichi and Remco after the battle. He still told Kiichi that even though he considers him a friend that does mean that he won’t defeat him.

Black Dragon[]

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Yoshiki also fought in the same Vale Tudo tournament as Iron Kiba. However he ended up hitting his opponent so hard that that he broke his hand and had to pull out before the second round. He later accompanied Kiichi to the Black Dragon temple. While there he helped Kiichi train for his match with Choushou.


Not really having any clear goals after Kiba’s death Yoshiki entered the T.D.K. Where he Seiya Kono. Yoshiki bragged that like Garcia he was going to beat him in three seconds. Finally remembering who he was during the match Yoshiki attempted to defeat him using just pro wrestling moves. However Seiya surprised the crowd by saying that pro wrestling moves don’t work in a real fight.


Yoshiki eventually left for India after saying that guys fighting tigers are better than guys fighting humans.


Yoshiki Takaishi has inhuman strength and resistance. His combat style is all about strength. All his technique relies on incredible strength and resistance. He learned body to body techniques and suplexes when he was a student by doing wrestling. The combat techniques while standing he mastered those in Thailand. While there he went through such violent training that he repeatedly puked blood. All of that was his will to become the strongest.