Tough c313 (3)
Phantom Joe Deploying Yugenshinkage-ryu
Focus Striking, Grappling, Trapping, Qigong, Illusion
Application Self-defense, self-healing, alternative medicine, meditation, self-cultivation
Notable Practitioners Kakugo Kasukabe
Kenshi Kaneshiro
Anime Debut --
Manga Debut "Last Match: Kiichi Miyazawa's Way of Life" [1]

The Yugenshinkage-ryu[Notes 1][2] is a form of martial arts that shares many similarities to the Nadashinkage-ryu, with many of their own techniques following the same principles. In that the roots of the styles aren’t that of one mere art. They are from those who came back from death and brought the secrets of hell with them.


Yugenshinkage-ryu (幽玄ゆうげんしんかげりゅう) main concept is based on perplexing opponent with visual illusions the most basic application of which is through tremendously high speeds, that will dazzle them to the point that user could seem like a blur or even be mistaken to have warped, when in fact they are just moving very fast. To a certain degree opponent’s will feel like they’re blind for a moment as user escapes their sight never realizing that the fatal blow has already been dealt.


As a side effect of their extreme speed, practitioners of the style can produce afterimages of themselves in order to confuse opponents who are unable to follow their movements. The speed produced by this art usually causes practitioner’s to move so quickly that they create afterimages inadvertently requiring further training to gain control over them.


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  1. Kanji: 幽玄真影流; Kana:ゆうげんしんかげりゅう; Hepburn: Yūgenshinkage-ryū; English: Profoundly Genuine Shadow Style
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