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Origin Japan
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Debut (Manga) Oton Chapter 02:
Gender Female
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Yuki is a fictional character from manga series of Ot.on




Yuki is a little girl who could do nothing but prey. The company where her father works went bankrupt, and he’s been living a sad life ever since. Drowning in alcohol, gambling at pachinko parlors. In the end, he wasn’t very civil to his wife, and she ran off too.

Yuki believes that if her mom came back, her dad would change and things would be happy like they were before. So every day she goes to Jinbouchou elementary and puts her prayers in her flute waiting for her mother to return. Even when she caught a cold she waited even in the rain.

When she passed out in front of him from pneumonia Seiko Miyazawa forced her father to get his life together